Visitors Monthly Payment Plan

21st Century Travel Insurance was the first company in Canada to offer a convenient Monthly Payment Option for Super Visa applications. 

The Monthly Payment Plan is available with on all Visitors to Canada Plans whenever all of these conditions apply:

  • Visitor Type is Super Visa, Visitor or Work/Student visa.

  • Coverage Limit is $100,000, $150,000 or $200,000.

  • Coverage Period is 365 days or 730 days.

Benefits of the Monthly Payment Plan Option:

  • Pay only a two-month deposit and $50 Policy Fee when applying for the visa. If the visa is denied the full deposit will be refunded to you (we keep the $50 Policy Fee).

  • You don't need to worry about moving the travel dates while you wait for the visa application decision. The policy remains "Pending" in our system awaiting visa approval and confirmed arrival date in Canada.

  • If you return home before the end of the policy, early return refunds will still be processed even if there was a claim.

  • Fully eligible for the Parent and Grandparent Super Visa insurance requirement.

Benefits of upgrading to the Two-Year Monthly Payment Plan Option:

  • The Coverage Limit resets to the full amount at the start of year two even if there have been claims in year one.

  • All other benefit maximums outlined in the Policy Wording also reset to the full amount.

  • 30-day Side Trip limit resets in year two.

  • The pre-existing condition exclusion does not reset at the start of year two.

  • Convenience of regular monthly payments continuing without disruption at the end of year one.

  • Beat potential rate increases in year two by locking in today's rates.

  • Beat potential age band increases in year two.

  • Only one $50 Policy Fee for the two years.

  • Only a small surcharge applies.

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