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Medicare International Travel Insurance

Medicare International Travel Insurance is for Canadian residents with provincial healthcare travelling outside of their province of residence or outside of Canada. Provincial health insurance covers only a small portion of the cost of a medical emergency while you are travelling. For example, a 5-day hospital stay in Florida can result in charges of $50,000 or more. Your provincial plan would likely reimburse $5,000 or less, leaving you with a bill for more than $40,000!

21st Century's Medicare International Travel Insurance plan is our comprehensive plan for Canadians travelling outside of their province of residence. You can choose between Emergency Medical, All-Inclusive, or Stand-alone Trip Cancellation. Please note that the product offered through Travel Agents is slightly different than the one described below which is sold by insurance brokers and advisors. Contact your Travel Agent for details.

Benefits & Options
Emergency Medical
All-Inclusive Add-on
Stand-alone Trip Cancellation
Multi-Trip Emergency Medical
Multi-Trip All-Inclusive
Family Rates
Companion Discount
Deductible Savings
Top-up Policies
Flight & Travel Accident
Baggage Loss, Damage & Delay
Emergency Medical
Trip Cancellation & Interruption


  • ​$10 million Emergency Medical coverage with multilingual emergency assistance 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.

  • Single-trip and Multi-trip plan options with top-up coverage available.

  • Add a convenient package of Trip Cancellation & Interruption, Flight & Travel Accident and Baggage benefits to make your plan "All-Inclusive" or buy Stand-alone Trip Cancellation & Interruption.

  • No medical questionnaire is required for those under age 60.

  • For age 60 and older, a medical questionnaire determines eligibility and rate qualification.

  • Competitive rates and no maximum age.

  • Substantial savings for travel within Canada or take a deductible to save 10% to 35%.

  • Companion discount and family rates are also available.

  • If you are not eligible due to health reasons we offer a Special Medical Underwriting Plan.


Emergency Medical insurance covers eligible expenses related to unforeseen, unexpected medical emergencies when travelling outside of your province of residence. Coverage includes costs for:

  • Hospital and medical services.

  • Paramedical services.

  • Ambulance transportation.

  • Dental accident and relief of dental pain.

  • Bringing someone to your beside.

  • Extra meal and hotel expenses.

  • Repatriation in the event of your death.

  • Air ambulance.

  • Returning children in your care.

  • Returning your travel companion.

  • Returning your vehicle.

  • Hospital allowance.

  • Pet return.

  • Terrorism coverage.

  • Automatic extension of coverage.

  • And more!


​All-Inclusive Coverage includes the benefits of Emergency Medical plus:​

  • $3,500 of Cancellation and Interruption coverage per trip (or $3,500 per trip and $6,000 per year on the Multi-trip option)

  • $1,000 of Baggage Loss and $500 Baggage Delay ($3,000 and $1,500 on the Multi-trip option).

  • $100,000 Flight Accident and $50,000 Travel Accident for death (50% benefit for dismemberment).


Stand-Alone Trip Cancellation includes:

  • Reimbursement up to the covered amount of eligible expenses incurred before your departure (Trip Cancellation).

  • Reimbursement up to the actual costs of eligible expenses incurred on or after your departure (Trip Interruption or Delayed Return).

  • Single trip travel plans cover you from one continuous trip starting on the date you leave your province of residence to the date you return. A single trip travel plan can include multiple destinations as long as you are travelling on one continuous trip.

  • Multi-trip travel plans provide coverage for an unlimited number of trips taken within one year, commencing on the effective date of the policy. Each trip taken outside of Canada can be up to the maximum number of days you selected when you purchased your Multi-Trip Plan. This plan also provides coverage for an unlimited number of days of travel within Canada but outside of your province of residence.

  • With both plan options you can choose between Emergency Medical and All-Inclusive.

  • Multi-trip Emergency Medical options include 4, 10, 18, 30 and 60 day options.

  • Multi-trip All-Inclusive options include 4, 10, 18 and 30 days.


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