Visitors to Canada Travel Insurance

Protect yourself against the emergency medical costs of unexpected accident or sickness while in Canada. One day in hospital can cost as much as $5,000!

For visitors, landed immigrants, returning Canadians and work/student visas.


We specialize in Parent and Grandparent Super Visa insurance and were the first company in Canada to offer a convenient Monthly Payment Option. A two-year policy is also available.


Choose the Plan that best suits your budget and needs:

The Enhanced Plan

  • Up to 85.

  • Full package of benefits plus coverage for stable pre-existing medical conditions.

  • Medical Declaration is required over age 54.

The Standard Plan

  • Age 55 to 85.

  • Full package of benefits but does not cover pre-existing medical conditions.

The Basic Plan

  • All ages.

  • Reduced-premium plan covering just the basic hospital/medical expenses.

  • Does not cover any pre-existing conditions.

  • Some benefits have been removed completely in the Basic Plan to reduce the premium.

Coverage Limits and Deductibles

  • Coverage limits from $15,000 to $200,000.

  • Wide range of deductibles from $0 to $10,000.

  • Companion and Family discounts available.

Special features in our Enhanced and Standard Plans include:

  • Extra $50,000 of emergency medical coverage for accidents/injuries with the $100,000 option - at no extra cost.

  • $25,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment.

  • Relief of Dental Pain (up to $300) and Accidental Dental coverage (up to $4,000).

  • Our unique Continuing Treatment provision with no specific limit on the number of follow-up visits. In some circumstances, pre-approved visits can even happen after the policy expires.

  • Our unique “90-Day Provision” which reinstates benefits that might otherwise be cut off after an emergency ends. A subsequent claim for the same medical condition can be covered if the condition has been stable in the 90 days prior to that subsequent claim.


Special features available on all plans:

  • Significant savings with companion rates.

  • Family rates also available for older parents (over age 54) travelling with children under age 22.

  • Policy limits up to $200,000 are available.

  • Monthly payments available on any plan with the purchase of a 365-day policy and coverage of $100,000 or more.

  • Upgrade to a two-year monthly payment policy for a small surcharge. All benefits refresh in year 2.

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