Single Trip COVID-19 Emergency Medical Insurance Rider.

Phase 3: Coverage increased to $1,000,000. Same price!

November 26, 2020

On October 26, 2020, 21st Century Travel Insurance successfully introduced its new COVID-19 Rider. It allowed you to add $200,000 of coverage for Emergency Medical expenses that relate to COVID-19 when purchasing certain Emergency Medical plans (not available with SaveAway or Visitor to Canada).

On November 9th, we introduced the option to add the COVID-19 Rider to any 21st Century Multi-Trip or Package policy:

  • Rider valid for one trip only so it must be purchased separately for each trip (not a Multi-Trip Rider and it covers only Emergency Medical - not Trip Cancellation or Interruption.

  • Rider premium calculated for each trip based on 35% of the equivalent Single Trip Emergency Medical premium. For example, if you are travelling for 8 days on a Multi-Trip Plan, we will calculate the equivalent Single Trip Emergency Medical premium for 8 days and the Rider premium will be 35% of that amount.

Now 21st Century Travel Insurance is very pleased to announce the next phase in our efforts to expand and improve your COVID-19 insurance solutions!


What's new about this next phase? We have increased the coverage limit to $1,000,000 for the same low premium. 

Rider Coverage Limit

What's covered?

Who is Eligible?


CDN $1,000,000

Emergency Medical expenses incurred outside of Canada that are related specifically to COVID-19. There is no Trip Cancellation or Trip Interruption coverage on this Rider.

Any Canadian travelling outside of Canada who purchases or already has a 21st Century policy for their trip that includes Emergency Medical coverage (not available with SaveAway or Visitor to Canada).  Must be purchased prior to departure.  The COVID-19 Rider is not available while you are on a cruise or in any destination included in your cruise itinerary.  It also will not cover claims due to COVID-19 if there is a level 4 travel advisory (Avoid all Travel) issued for your destination prior to your effective date. Please see the Rider terms and conditions for details.

35% of the equivalent Single Trip Emergency Medical premium based on the trip duration and age and rate category of the applicant.

This is a global crisis and it has hit the travel and tourism industry hard.  We now assume we will be dealing with a brave new world for international travel until we reach some level of herd immunity - globally.  At 21st Century, we feel that our job is to help you build your confidence as you resume some cautious amount of travel in this COVID-19 era.  Someday, hopefully not that far off, travel restrictions will be lifted, and we hope to get to a day when we can all travel again without worrying about the Coronavirus.  Until then bridge the gap with a COVID-19 Rider that offers you the lowest possible rate for this critical coverage.

We’ve all seen the recent announcements; Air Canada, Air Canada Vacations, WestJet, Sunwing, Air Transat and others are now including COVID-19 coverage with the purchase of certain short-term, round-trip bookings to encourage travel.  These travel suppliers are doing everything they can to try to help passengers feel safe again.

For those not eligible for this built-in coverage from the airlines and other suppliers, other COVID-19 insurance solutions available on the market can be expensive.  21st Century Travel Insurance has worked hard with our underwriter to deliver as cost-effective a solution as possible.  We’ve priced our Rider to be as affordable as possible. Now you can buy our regular travel insurance (which excludes COVID-19) and upgrade your plan with an affordable Rider to plug the COVID-19 gap.

We still strongly encourage Canadians to adhere to the recommendations of the Government of Canada and medical professionals around the world in these challenging times.  For those who do decide to travel, 21st Century is very pleased to support the health and safety of Canadians by offering this specialized travel insurance for COVID-19.


We also encourage you to contact us if you are ineligible for our regular Emergency Medical Insurance but would like coverage for your pre-existing conditions and coverage for COVID-19.  21st Century has access to an Individual Medical Underwriting product that will provide $5,000,000 of coverage for all non-COVID related medical conditions and $1,00,000 of coverage for emergency medical claims that relate to COVID-19.  We would be happy to provide a quotation on this product.  Premiums are based on individual health history.

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