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Travel Insurance (outbound) Refund Submission

For Visitor to Canada policies, please use this submission form.

This form will NOT be accepted for Visitor to Canada refund requests.

  • No premium will be refunded if a claim has been reported or paid or if assistance services have been provided under this policy.

  • No refund is available on a Multi-Trip Plan or any Plan that includes Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance.

  • A $25 processing fee will be applied to all refunds. Refer to the policy for full details.

If you are requesting that we issue this refund retroactively (with a cancellation date prior to the date of this request), acceptable proof must be submitted as follows:

  • Early Return - provide copy of ticket, boarding passes, proof of border crossing, etc.

  • Travel Cancelled - provide proof that you did not travel (e.g., cancelled tickets, etc.).

  • Other - explain in comments below.

If your premium was paid by credit card, we must refund to the same card we originally charged. A $25 processing fee will be deducted from any amount refundable.

The following form must be completed by the Insured OR Payor. All required fields are denoted with an asterisk (*).

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Step 1:

Reason for Request:

Step 2:

Enter policy information. *

Step 3:

Upload your proof (see above).

Upload Image Files (e.g., JPEG, PNG):

Upload Image Files - max. 12 files

Upload Document Files (e.g., PDF or DOC):

Upload File - max. 1
Upload File - max. 1
Upload File - max. 1
Upload File - max. 1

Step 4:

Add any additional comments (optional).

Step 5:

Declaration and Signature:

I hereby declare that this cancellation request will not reduce or eliminate insurance that has been submitted to the Government of Canada as proof of coverage and which should remain in force to comply with the requirements of any visa.

Step 6:

Submit your refund request.

We are processing your request. Please wait...

We have received your request. Please allow us up to 3 weeks to process your refund.

An error occurred. Please make sure all required fields (denoted with *) are completed and try again.

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